Unified Cloud and Endpoint Security

Secure laptop to cloud with one solution.

About Uptycs

Find and remove critical risks in your modern attack surface—cloud, containers, and endpoints—all from a single UI and data model.

Attackers don’t work in silos, neither should your security. Uptycs offers a single, unified solution to protect your modern attack surface.

Uptycs Explainer - Unified Cloud and EndPoint

Demo: Uptycs Reduces Risks and Prioritizes Threat Response

Discussion with Ganesh Pai, CEO of Uptycs - Concept of "Shift Up"


Uptycs vs Traditional EDR or XDR Solutions


Uptycs - Kubernetes and Container Security

Uptycs CNAPP + XDR Platform Data Sheet.pdf

Uptycs CNAPP + XDR Overview


Uptycs for Audit, Compliance and Governance

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