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The attack surface of a Modern Cyber Kill Chain has changed.

In this cloud-first world, Identity is the new security perimeter because it enables organizations to control and monitor access to their data and systems across different locations, devices, and networks, regardless of physical boundaries.  Attackers with just the right login can instantly access your data. 

An increasing number of bad actors are now leveraging social engineering and other malicious tactics to target a user’s mobile phone to steal credentials that provide legitimate and immediate keys to the kingdom for accessing critical corporate infrastructure and sensitive data.

If a phishing attack is successful and a bad actor is able to get a user’s login credentials, the subsequent steps in the modern kill chain move very rapidly. With direct access to an organization’s cloud infrastructure, using legitimate credentials, the dwell time of a modern attack has gone from months to minutes.

Prevention begins with securing all mobile devices – managed or unmanaged – which are often unprotected and highly susceptible to social engineering (hint: an MDM is not a security solution, it’s a management tool – it’s right in the name!)

Lookout adds depth to your defense with security that works at every turn. This includes protecting the identity store that lives on a user’s mobile device, blocking text messages that steal credentials and preventing compromised accounts from accessing your data; assessing trends and using deep threat intelligence as a warning system to determine whether the organization is under attack; and combining user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and data loss prevention (DLP) to detect and stop anomalous behavior and risky data movements if a bad actor does manage to get into your organization.

With Lookout, rest assured that your cloud data flows freely, and securely.

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