Vulnerability Management

About Avalor

Avalor is on a mission to solve security’s data problem, making every piece of security data useful for better decisioning in one comprehensive solution. 

Avalor’s proprietary Security Data Fabric™ technology dynamically ingests, normalizes, and enriches data from any source, providing organizations with a complete and real-time view of their cybersecurity posture. With full control over their data, security practitioners can understand and take action on risk from any perspective spanning users, assets, and applications. Avalor’s flexible platform empowers teams with the architecture to connect data across their entire security stack, enhance their workflows with critical business context, and expand into any use case to support and optimize security operations.

Customers leverage Avalor’s Unified Vulnerability Management app, built on accurate and actionable data from the Data Fabric, to achieve full cycle risk assessment, prioritization, remediation dispatch, and reporting that is customized entirely to their organizational needs.

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Data Fabric for Security

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