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About ONCyber

ONCyber’s PatchPro is Professional Patching on Autopilot

We free up your time and organizational expertise so you can focus on important threats.  PatchPro stands as your vigilant guard, continuously evaluating vulnerabilities and initiating a remediation process that actually patches assets, in a safe, defendable, and resilient manner.

What sets PatchPro apart? It's our cutting-edge approach to vulnerability remediation. We've harnessed machine learning libraries, real-time analytics and risk-based prioritization to deliver patches that not only fix but proactively defend against future risks. Every update is a strategic move in strengthening your defense.  It's peace of mind, knowing that PatchPro is tirelessly working in the background, analyzing potential vulnerabilities, prioritizing risks, and applying patches with precision and efficiency. It's the assurance that your digital assets are protected by the very best in the business.

Our claim to fame? US CISA KEV to patch with a MTTR of 36 hours and remediation intelligence that stops negatively impacting patches.  Robust, intelligent, and curated just for you.

ONCyber PatchPro


PatchPro v2 Overview

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