Innovating edge-to-cloud protection to secure the future of enterprise computing.

About HPE Security

Increases your business agility by integrating scalable IT security

Leverage common security building blocks - from silicon to cloud - that continuously protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data, adapting to increasingly complex threats. With HPE, you reinforce your existing strategy, transforming security from a barrier to an accelerator of innovation.

Secure your data everywhere

Our approach begins at the foundation—in the supply chain and rooted in the silicon. We continuously attest every level of infrastructure and every layer of the software stack and across the network, giving you confidence in your data availability, maximizing your data’s value, and optimizing business results throughout the technology lifecycle.

Always adapting, always evolving

To help you navigate increasing complexity and stay ahead of emerging threats, we build in Zero Trust technologies and solutions that dynamically authenticate data and applications. By continuously learning, adapting, and evolving, our security capabilities maintain the integrity of your environment.

Expertise to integrate and enhance

Our security capabilities reinforce and enhance rather than replace, your current security framework. We partner with you to integrate into your existing security strategy—across your people, processes, and technology—to minimize risk and maximize the effectiveness of the investments you’ve already made. 

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