Global Professional Network of Women in Cybersecurity

About Leading Cyber Ladies

"Leading Cyber Ladies" is a movement to get women of all kinds in cybersecurity together at meetups, to give talks and speak up about their work, get comfortable with public speaking and network with other such amazing ladies in a comfortable, professional, and friendly environment. We believe in creating a safe and friendly environment for women in the cybersecurity community, with the goal of achieving greater diversity, representation, and equality in this vibrant field. That’s why 90% of our meetups so far have featured mostly women (or women-identifying) speakers and attendees. For future events, this may be up to each event organizer to decide per event, in the spirit of their own local communities. We’ve also made sure our events have no “product pitch” talks or exclusive company sponsor (but rather multiple organizations). We keep our memberships free and accessible for everyone. We do not collect any charities and our organization runs completely on volunter basis by our global committee and local chapter organizers. Our movement is driven by passion of people who want to make a difference in cybersecurity field. These are our values from the first event and we hope they will be embraced by the global community.