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Meta IT is a technology and innovation company focused on uncomplicating Digital Transformation (DX), which operates from the definition of the digital strategy to the delivery of complete technological solutions. With over 31 years in the market, the company has a global presence: +300 clients in 8 countries, with a team of +3000 employees in 350 cities and 14 countries. What differentiates us is our ability to bring the human element to the center of all projects. DX exists to optimize resources, simplify processes, reduce time, and generate better results. Meta IT exists to make this transformation possible in companies and in society. Digital. Simple. Human.

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One UI and Data Model - Multiple Solutions

Uptycs streams normalized telemetry into your detection cloud. You get Google-like search, and deep asset inventory and insights. From there you can add the CNAPP, XDR, and compliance capabilities you need today, and have the confidence that you’ll be ready for what’s next.

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