Cybersecurity Services and Consulting

About Defy Security

Customers work with Defy Security to simplify their buying experience. We provide initial assessment and analysis of technologies and custom proof of concepts. Our business analysis of licensing and financing structure saves you money. We oversee implementation and operation with staffing and services to ensure success.

Defy Security was founded in 2017 with a vision: to change the security buying experience by delivering value and service beyond any other.

As cybersecurity veterans, we knew many would consider our mission an impossible task as the industry moves so quickly and relationships become sacrificed for transactions.

At Defy Security, we continue to grow as word of mouth from customers provides validation of our approach to other businesses.

Our team grows as people who want to be part of something different and valuable join our mission.

At Defy, we believe we can and should do better. In fact, we already are. We’ve attracted some of the best talent in the business — engineers, architects and salespeople with experience, who always research the latest topics, and possess a drive to deliver value to clients. Our people are the key to achieving the Defy mission: To put people back where they belong. First.

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