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About StrongDM

StrongDM is a dynamic access platform that prioritizes user-centricity. Their main proposition is to offer "Secure Access" while reducing risk. The platform is designed to help organizations achieve Zero Trust goals through dynamic access controls. With StrongDM, teams can swiftly and intuitively access their entire technical stack, and the platform provides an auditable trail of all activities, allowing for the replay of an entire user's history down to individual keystrokes. This level of granularity offers unparalleled insights into access grants, comprehensive reporting, and the ability to identify and automate the revocation of unused permissions. StrongDM's capabilities extend to unifying access control policies across all elements of a tech stack, thanks to native integrations with clouds, secrets managers, log storage, and identity governance tools. The platform centralizes access management, regardless of where secrets and keys are stored. Furthermore, StrongDM simplifies workflows and automates processes, treating access as code. This approach transforms the traditional always-on access model to one of zero standing privileges, ensuring access is granted only when necessary and revoked when not.

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